Japan Genmaicha

Japan Genmaicha

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Description: A very popular green tea tradition in Japan is mixing roasted, popped brown rice with it. This process gives the tea its very unique, malty character, reminiscent of roasted grains.

Contains: Green tea, roasted brown rice

Brew: 1 tsp per cup   2-3min   80.c

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Ever since tea was discovered, the Chinese have been adding flavourings to their tea, either by blending flowers or fruits with the processed leaf, or by adding extra ingredients to the boiling water, or to the brew itself. Some China teas have a natural flavour of orchards or flowers which grow wild among the tea bushes. Others have the perfume of fruit blossoms that flower among the tea bushes when the new tea buds and leaves are forming. Flavoured green teas are blended with additional flavourings. A wide range of spices, herbs and flower petals are used to produce a large variety of flavoured green teas.