Our Story

You Me Happy was created when we were on our road trip over the Christmas break to the centre of Australia in 2015. We both wanted to get into the Loose Leaf Tea industry along with other things. Before starting up my handyman and home maintenance business I (Gav) had been in the tea business before and was keen to get back into the market.

We knew what we wanted and saw how it would be in our minds, the only thing holding us back was the brand name.

Our road trip to Uluru consisted of 10 hrs driving a day, taking turns at driving, the passenger keeping our dogs Max the Staffy and Big the Chihuahua occupied and not much else to do other then take photos and plenty of them!

It was around 5 or 6hrs into the trip on the 4th day when I captured a great photo of us. I wanted to add some text to the photo, which said 'You make me happy', but thanks to the malfunction of technology when I saved the photo the text read 'You Me Happy'.

I remember looking over to Phil with a massive smile on my face, hand raised ready for a high five and said 'look, thats our brand name'.

We smiled, laughed and said 'You Me Happy!'